AGS' proven state-of-the-art solutions for IBM Informix® data servers help organizations ensure that mission-critical database applications remain up and perform at peak levels, manage complexity and assure continuing availability of vital business information. Powerful database engines require powerful tools!


February 1, 2013 • AGS today announced that the brand new Release 9 of Server Studio™ & Sentinel™— the premiere suite of integrated system management tools for IBM Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS) — is now available worldwide.

This new release of the industry-leading multi-platform graphical development and management environment has undergone a substantial upgrade in functionality and now provides DBAs and developers with an even richer collection of easy-to-use, proven tools to manage effectively and with ease complexities of the Informix data servers' infrastructure — from initial design and development, all the way through to production deployment and successful operational service.

Here are just a few of the noteworthy new features and capabilities in the all-new Release 9 of Server Studio & Sentinel that will take the drudgery out of your work and make you feel more plugged into your vital enterprise information than ever before continued ››