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Should You Upgrade?

Server Studio™ Win32 is a legacy product for IBM Informix back-end SQL application development and stored procedure debugging. This product line has been retired, however AGS will continue to support Server Studio™ Win32 for existing customers and business partners until December 31, 2005.

Server Studio™ Win32 is superceded by a more comprehensive multi-platform solution for DBAs and SQL application developers — Server Studio™ JE.

To assist you in deciding why you need to upgrade, the following high-level comparison matrix of functions and features available in Server Studio™ Win32 and Server Studio™ JE product editions is provided for your consideration.

  Matrix Legends

  • — full functionality implementation
  • — limited functionality implementation (legacy product)
 FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES Server Studio JE Server Studio Win32
SQL Development and Schema Management
DB Difference Analyzer performs comparative analysis on all database object properties including table structures, referential integrity, fragmentation, along with syntax of stored procedures, triggers and views.    Only Stored Procedures
DB Schema Synchronization script generation, based on comparison results of two databases.     
Import | Export | Copy I Print Full or Partial DB Schema.
Manages DDL script files for the entire database or user-defined sub-schemas that may be comprised of particular types or groups of database objects. Schema Manager can directly deploy database schemas or sub-schemas and allows to specify how to map DB spaces and BLOB spaces from the source to the target server.
Non-blocking Query Execution switch to other editors or documents and continue working while long queries are executing.     
Unlimited size of SQL scripts.    800 Kb
Examine execution time for each query.     
Pin selected query result set in the SQL Editor.     
Query Execution Plan Analyzer runs without the need to mount UNIX drives on Windows networks.     
Table-level details drill-down in the Object Explorer     
Edit stored procedure syntax directly in the SPL Debugger window, without the need to close the debugger and edit the procedure's syntax in a separate editor if any modifications are required.     
Data Management
Import | Export Data Wizard.
Visually maps multiple external data files to database objects and manages data transformation rules.
      One-to-one import only
Test Data Generator.
Create large data sets to test SQL queries performance and back-end application logic.
Enter | Edit | Delete Table Data      
Examine | Sort | Filter Table Data      
Cell Editor for complex Data types and BLOBS      
Server Management
Create | Edit | Delete multiple server configurations     
Create | Edit | Delete logical servers groups     
Secure Single Sign-on to multiple DBMS     
Examine server's Profile, Status and Logical Logs     
Examine ONCONFIG parameters     
Compare servers' configurations     
UPDATE Server Statistics     
Manage Virtual Processors     
Manage Start | Stop | Quiescent Server Modes     
Examine Table-level locks and I/O activity     
Built-in Telnet/SSH terminal     
Execute remotely IBM Informix-native utilities and OS-level scripts     
Preconfigured Operational Reports for accessing server's performance and data storage space utilization statistics.     
Physical Storage Management
Add | Delete | Examine DB Spaces, BLOB and Temporary Spaces     
Add | Delete | Examine DB Chunks     
Space and Chunks Usage Reports     
Fragment Tables across multiple DB Spaces     
Examine | Sort Tables based on a number of extents and/or data rows     
Table Reorganization Wizard     
Table Extent Size Calculator     
Determine current size of the database     
Performace Management and Optimization
Integrates with Sentinel™ which provides 24 x 7 monitoring of server operations with integrated historical time-series performance data repository, autonomic event management, alerting, scheduled database administration task execution and highly interactive performance diagnostics.     
Benchmark Runner.
Perform application stress testing under user-defined real-life load scenarios (hundreds of concurrent user sessions) and measure execution statistics such as average, minimum and maximum response times.
SQL Capture based on user login name, client host, Informix session ID, or SQL statements execution statistics.     


Server Studio™ JE R.7 is now shipping. What's new in this version:

  • Enhanced SQL Editor
  • More powerful DB Difference Analyzer
  • Database Synchronization
  • Stored Procedures Debugger
  • Table Extent Size Calculator
  • Virtual Processors Manager
  • Benchmark Runner (stress testing under
    real-life loads
  • Integration with Sentinel
  • Improved Memory Management
  • New User Interface
  • Supports JDK 1.4.2
Information about Sentinel

Our Customers

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"It brings Informix Database Administration into the 21st Century, replacing ancient command line tools with modern graphical tools. I really can't image how Informix DBA's survived without it!"

Kevin Godsman
Musto Ltd, UK

"I have enjoyed working with Server Studio. It makes everything very easy to manage. This is the best product I have used in daily working with Informix."

Linwood Jarratt
Lake County Administration, Illinois

"It is simple. Server Studio is the perfect product. It covers all our needs and what is most important it is simple to use. We mainly use it to create manage and test/debug Stored Procedures. The SPL Debugger is a wonderful tool that have saved us a lot of work."

Throstur Jonsson

"It is a good tool for us as we are developers and DBAs at the same time. For one application that we wrote (using many stored procedures), it was the only way we could have gotten it done. Our old methods (dbaccess, ftp, etc.) would have been suicide."

Sean Durity
CornerCap Investment Counsel

"Before Server Studio, I was using several different tools to perform maintenance tasks with the database. Today, I use Server Studio 80% of the time and I wish I could tell you how much easier my job has been. The amount of time savings from using all the other little utilities is immeasurable. All in all, I will most definitely endorse it to any Informix administrator and developer. Server Studio boost the power of Informix 100 times!!!"

Roy de-Silva
IT Consultant
Toronto, Ontario

"I user Server Studio extensively on a daily basis. Our criminal justice system database is extremely complex and extensive. Without Server Studio, SQL development for reporting purposes would be nightmarish. It is not unusual to see a set of queries involving more that 200 separate steps, required for producing a single report. ... Thank you and congratulations on a very powerful and comprehensive product."

Peter Fuentes
Maricopa County, Arizona